EdiGene is a genome-editing company, possessing efficient genome-editing techniques, advanced high-throughput genetic screening platform, and ready-made knock-out cell lines. EdiGene dedicates to server the biomedical companies, diagnostic companies, and R&D groups with rich genome editing experience. At the same time, EdiGene cooperate with hospitals and medical companies to develop new therapeutics for cancers, genetic diseases and infectious disease.

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The core members of EdiGene graduated from Peking University, Stanford University, Cornell University, etc. They have genome editing related papers published on Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Cell Research, etc. and possess a lot of related patents.

EdiGene provides KO cell lines, KO cell lysates as standards for antibody companies to guarantee high quality of their products. EdiGene takes the high-throughput genetic screening platform to assist biomedical companies in finding out drug targets and precision drug use. Edigene supports R&D groups with validated genome editing tools, including sgRNAs, Cas9 expressing cell lines, etc. There are more than 1,600 锛坱he number is growing rapidly锛塺eady-made KO cell lines available in EdiGene for researchers worldwide. Also, EdiGene efficiently fulfill demands for the other genome edited cell lines.